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Seniors – Looking for Lower Prescription Costs?

With age comes the need for regular prescriptions, due to the increase in various health concerns. Some prescriptions are inexpensive, and cost is not a problem. I take several prescriptions

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Favorites Foods Victims of New Health Guidelines

Before I was old enough to go to school, we lived on a small farm in Illinois, only a few miles across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri. Dad

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What Diet is Replacing the Mediterranean Diet?

Everyone, regardless of age, sex, ethnic background and whatever other factor their may be, should be concerned about the food they eat and what they drink. A person’s dietary habits

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Newly Discovered Benefit of Holding Hands

When most of us were young and in love or at least infatuated with someone of the opposite sex, we often held hands when we walked, when we sat and

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Allergies and Aging is Nothing to Sneeze At

Are allergies more of an affliction of children and younger adults? No! While many allergies do show up in youth,

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Need Cataract Surgery? Read This First!!!

As we age, the clear lenses in our eyes tend to turn slightly yellowish, but it is so slow and

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Caregivers are Putting Their Own Retirement at Risk

Looking after an elderly parent could cost you more than you expect: Your retirement security. Those were the findings from

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The secret to healthy indulging during the holidays

The holidays are here, bringing with them presents, parties…and pies. And potatoes and yams and cookies and cocktails; ‘tis the

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Why is the Lead Found in Fidget Spinners Dangerous?

Recent news has reported that some popular fidget spinners contain dangerous amounts of lead that could be harmful to kids.

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How Would You Like to Wait 4 1/2 Years to See a Medical Specialist?

Democrats and the mainstream media have been gloating over the reports of a higher than expected number of Obamacare enrollments

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