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Walking vs. Running — Which Is Better?

buy Seroquel on line THURSDAY, May 4, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Running and walking are both popular ways to get a great cardio workout. But is a brisk walk really as good an exercise

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Cell Phone Use Linked to Brain Tumors

discover here What do they know in Italy about using cell phones that we don’t in the U.S.? Ask any of America’s federal watchdog agencies, and you no doubt will be told

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Which is More Important to Life Span – Weight or Waist?

Some sources try to link economic prosperity with the rate of obesity in a nation, and there may be some truth to that, but one also needs to take into

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Getting Fat from ‘Diet’ Products

Diet foods are a multi-billion-dollar business, especial in America with so many people becoming more heath conscious. One of the first things many people going on a diet do is

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Beer Drinkers May Develop Irregular Heart Rhythms

The Munich Oktoberfest might seem an unlikely locale for a medical research project, but German scientists studied festivalgoers and found

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FDA cracks down on sham ‘miracle’ cancer treatments

In an effort to clamp down on a disturbing trend targeting cancer patients, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently

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FDA Approves 1st Direct-to-Customer Genetic Risk Tests

Unlocking the marvelous world of genetics has made a huge difference in our lives. Over a decade ago, DNA evidence

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Is a drug you’re taking on the FDA’s ‘Serious Risk’ list?

How do you know if a drug you’re taking is being “watched” by the FDA because of serious side effects?

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More gray hair linked to higher risk of heart disease

Graying hair and coronary heart disease share some of the same mechanisms that come with aging. A new observational study

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Appendicitis doesn’t need surgery

When you DON’T need emergency surgery Emergency surgery is something most folks never even think to question. The word “emergency” is right in the name! Well, friend, if you’re in

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