Shopping website Amazon has come under fire for selling offensive hoodies which appear to promote anorexia.

According to the Manchester Evening News the company has been heavily criticized for allowing the item of clothing – which describes the eating disorder as ‘like bulimia, except with self control’ – to feature on its website, with many calling for it to be removed immediately.

The hoodie, which is sold by third party retailer ArturoBuch for $25.88, is available only in the US and cannot be shipped to the UK.

Another hoodie on Amazon Fashion has the tasteless logo: “I have an Easting Disorder – I’m about to eat dis order of fries, disorder of nachos and disorder of wings.”

Eating disorder charity B-Eat says trivializing eating disorders in this way can make it harder for people to get help, and urged Amazon to stop sales.

It said: “We are aware the fashion industry can play a big part in how eating disorders are perceived, influencing attitudes, beliefs and actions.

“When eating disorders are glamourized or trivialized like in the case of this hoodie, it can trigger negative behaviors in people who are affected by these complex mental health issues, which can cause serious harm.

“We urge the company responsible to stop making this hoodie, and call on all retailers, including Amazon, to refuse to sell it.

“Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses and their causes are complex. Anyone, regardless of their age, sex or cultural background, can develop an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder.

“Over 1.25 million men and women in the UK are affected by eating disorders which can be caused by a variety of factors such as genetic, psychological, environmental, social and biological influences.

“The stigma surrounding eating disorders prevents many people from seeking help, and trivializing them in this way only makes it harder for individuals to get help. We call on all those involved to remove this item from sale immediately.”

Anorexia sufferer Beth Grant called on the company to formally apologize, saying the hoodie could be ‘extremely damaging to anyone suffering with either bulimia or anorexia’.

Speaking on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show she said: “I think it could damage their mental health even further and cause them to potentially harm their life.”

Adding: “You can still see it on the internet. It can still harm them, even if they’re not wearing it.

“I think they should issue a statement saying it is ‘so sorry it’s on our website.”

Mental Health Europe too posted on its Facebook page that it’s messages like that which increase stigma surrounding mental health.

It wrote: “We are extremely shocked by selling a hoodie that describes anorexia as ‘like bulimia, except with self-control’.

“Selling this kind of product is not only stigmatizing and irresponsible, but could damage anyone experiencing bulimia or anorexia. There are no jokes to be made about mental ill health, and this kind of message increase #mentalhealth #stigma.

“Anorexia has very severe impacts on mental and physical health, and takes the lives of too many people every year, especially young women.

“Persons living with anorexia and bulimia need support and our society needs awareness.

“#StopAmazon #AnorexiaHoodie.”