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Study Shows Dogs Are Really Woman’s Best Friend

Study Shows Dogs Are Really Woman’s Best Friend
December 04
15:54 2018

For centuries, dogs have generally been referred to as man’s best friend. The first domesticated dogs were used for hunting and herding. They were easily trained to help herd sheep, goats and cattle. They also served as great hunters of all kinds of animals from large to small and even birds.

The vast majority of dog breeds we have today came about from the need for hunting and herding. Even many of the cute toy breeds of dogs were originally bred to hunt things like rats and small game.

For example, poodles are believed to have been bred as a water hunting or retrieving dog, even though today, we see them more as pampered fluff balls.

Today, many breeds are still used for hunting, herding and working, but many of them are owned as companions and treated like members of the family. In 2000, it was estimated that Americans owned around 68 million dogs. By 2017, that estimate has jumped to about 89.7 million, with many being owned as pets.

Most of my life, I’ve owned a dog. I’ve owned, raised and trained German Shepherds and long-hair German Shepherds. My family has also owned beagles and mutts (mixed breeds). For the past 25 years, my wife and I have had Maltese and I have to admit that this once big dog advocate has been converted to a faithful devotee of this small companion breed. (As I write this post, our little female, Fiona, is curled up at my side in my chair).

In high school, my German Shepherd, Tipsy, slept in my twin size bed, until he found a way to push me out of the bed. These days, our Maltese regularly sleep with us, mostly with my wife, as we each sleep in a recline due to health conditions. When the dogs sleep with me, they wake me up a lot, but when they sleep with her, she generally sleeps sound through most of the night.

A new study may explain why:

“We have wonderful news for anyone who’s ever been judged for letting their pooch share their bed with them – a study has claimed that allowing your dog to sleep next to you actually increases your chances of getting a good night’s rest.”

“While some may say it’s odd and a bit revolting, sleeping next to your dog is apparently much more preferable to sleeping next to ‘disruptive’ cats and humans. We knew it.”

“The study, entitled: ‘An Examination of Adult Women’s Sleep Quality and Sleep Routines in Relation to Pet Ownership and Bedsharing’ (great name), examined how allowing their pets to sleep with them affected 962 women in the USA.”

“55 per cent of participants allowed at least one their dogs to share a bed with them, 31 per cent allowed at least one of their cats, while 57 per cent slept with a partner.”

“And dogs were found to be the best sleeping buddy out of the other two alternatives.”

“The study concluded that, despite their tendency to wiggle around, take up your side of the bed and snore, the comfort of them being next to you trumps not having them there at all.”

It was interesting to see that it was found that cats actually result is less sleep for women. My daughter and her husband have a Maltese and a Maine Coon cat and they both try to sleep with them, at times. My daughter says that when her Maltese, Sherlock, sleeps in bed with her, she sleeps more sound and restful, but when the Maine Coon, Moriarty, sleeps with them in bed, she wakes more frequently and gets less sleep.

So, it seems that dogs are not only man’s best friends, but woman’s best friend also, especially when sleeping in the same bed.

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