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Your Personality Can Be Changed for Years By 1 Single Psychedelic Drug Trip

March 09
16:45 2018

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Over the years, many people have experimented with drugs, mostly when they were younger, more rebellious and less intelligent. Some drugs quickly sunk their addictive claws deep into the experimenter, who thought that just one try would not make them an addict.

Then there were some drugs that weren’t nearly as addictive but became quite popular because of their psychedelic effects. These kinds of drugs, like LSD, ayahuasca, peyote and so-called magic mushrooms, could send someone on a psychedelic trip into a fantasy world where anything and everything was possible.

Psychedelic drugs were very popular during the hippie craze back in the late 1960s and 1970s. They played a key role in the music, colors, clothing and even movies of the time. They aren’t as popular now, but they are not gone and some people will still try to ‘trip out’, especially when they are stressed by life and need an escape.

Many of the people who used these drugs in their youth are now responsible adults, raising their families and working to provide for their family. Some even moved on into prestigious careers in academics, business and politics.

The question being asked now is if there are any long-term effects from even a single ‘trip’ on a psychedelic drug?

“According to a new review of studies published online in the journal Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, the answer might be no, dude. Researchers found that individuals who took even a single dose of psychedelic drugs like LSD, “magic” mushrooms and ayahuasca could experience sustained personality changes that lasted several weeks, months or even years — but oftentimes, these changes were for the better. [11 Trippy Facts About ‘Magic’ Mushrooms]”

“In the new meta-analysis, researchers from Spain and Brazil looked at the results of 18 previous studies, published between 1985 and 2016, linking psychedelic drug use and personality changes. The researchers focused on papers that looked specifically at serotonergic drugs, or drugs that have structures similar to that of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which helps regulate mood, appetite and various other functions. Such substances bind with serotonin receptors (known as 5-HT receptors), increasing activity in the visual parts of the brain, causing dream-like hallucinations and, for some users, inducing a feeling of transcendence.”

The bottom line is that it appears that the longer someone used psychedelic drugs, the more chance there is that the psychological effects could last for many years. What was really surprising is that for some people, just a single trip could have an impact on them for many years or just a few hours or days.

It largely depends on each individual, but is it worth the risk?

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